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Friday, August 01, 2014

Mobile Christian-Evangelism Library

While many Christian organizations have concentrated on creating powerful and valuable media, there are few repositories of content that are focused on gathering primarily audio and video resources formatted for mobile devices. Additionally, most organizations tend to specialize in specific categories of materials. The Mobile Christian-Evangelism Library Project endeavors to aggregate evangelistic, musical and discipleship materials to minister to the whole man and to strengthen the local church.  By focusing on audio and video content, the library is a valuable resource to the 60% of the world's population that either does not read or chooses to not read.

A unique feature of this library is the storage of content in multiple file formats for multiple mobile devices; MP4 Mobile Video and 3GP Mobile Video. Each these formats are routinely stored in various screen sizes to meet multiple cell phone model requirements. In instances where a required video format is not present in the library, training videos and shareware software is provided to allow users to detect required formats and re-encode folders filled with content

Field work has resulted in the development of  robust standards for this library.  Planned training videos and a comprehensive description of the libraries should be available by the end of January , 2015. These materials will make it possible for individuals in many countries and regions to participate in the collection and formatting of content for their respective communities. Kiosk and hotspot deployment described below is expected to positively affect the large communities of Islamic families that are immigrants to western countries. While the distribution of these materials may be restricted in their native lands, these devices can be used anonymously in the neighborhoods that value freedom of expression.

The most critical issue affecting the ultimate profitability of this library is the availability of audio Bibles. These Bibles exist in several hundred languages. They are the most sought after content for mobile phone users in remote parts of the world.  Their rapid distribution via viral instances of Mobile Evangelism is eagerly anticipated. 

Intellectual property rights permitting the free distribution of these audio Bibles is being sought at several levels.  Unfortunately, there appears to be little eagerness on the part of the various stakeholders to release the audio Bibles for free distribution. Everyone reading this summary is asked to pray and exert any influence they have on Christian publishers to change the status quo.

It is hoped that individuals and organizations with vested interests in audio Bible IPR will see the reality that their interests can be served well by following the Google model. Google has used free distribution to expand its audience astronomically. Their massive audience has provided them with income opportunities that would never have materialized if they had attempted to protect the IPR related to their technologies.

At least one Christian publisher has realized the truth of this statement. Rick Meyers, author of E-Sword, a sophisticated Bible study software application, recorded in 2010 that only1% of his 9 million subscribers donate to his work, but that 1% more than covers his need for further development and product expansion. There are over 2 billion mobile phones in the world today that could be populated with audio bibles.

Christian Communication Centre committed to develop Library for mobile evangelism, if you are aware of other organizations that have royalty free content, I would greatly appreciate to update by following links