Communication in the body of Christ

Friday, October 26, 2007

Prajapati Drama (The life story of Jesus)

This is three hours Drama describe “Prajapati” the life story of Jesus performance by Director B.Rubert Raghunathan with 120 Actors. We are really appreciate those who supporting this Drama and invite them to perform in your area.

This name “Prajapati” meaning is The King of the people and the prime sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is the heart of India and He is the light of the world. In Rg Veda 10 -31:6,8 and 32:2 the truth is stated that “ Vishvakarma,called, Prajapati or Purusha will offer himself as sacrifice”

Let us examine the similarities in the death of Jesus and the sacrifice lamb described in Rg Veda.

1. The Sacrifice lamb should be a blemish less one – Jesus was blemish less.
2. The lamb’s head should be marked with an herbal crown – A crown of thorn was fixed on the head of Jesus before crucifixion.
3.The lamb should be tied to the pillar of the altar – Jesus was nailed on the cross.
4.The lamb’s four legs should be pierced with nails so that it bleeds well – Jesus’ both hands and both legs were pierced with nails and bled.
5.The cloth by which the lamb is covered should be divided among four priests - The armed guards put lots and divided his garments of Jesus among themselves.
6.No bone of the lamb should be broken – No bone of Jesus was broken.
7.The sacrificial lamb should be given a drink made of Soma plant - Jesus was given a bitter drink which He refused.
8.After offering the lamb as sacrifice; it should be made to resurrect- Jesus rose from the dead.
9.The flesh of the lamb should be eaten – It is similar to Holy Communion be eaten.

This Prajapati drama explain the love of God very simple demonstration to understand the truth. This is the Gospel written in Rg Veda for my beloved brother and sister of Hindus. Jesus, not focus religion but to sacrifice Himself for the world as it is written in Rg Veda.