Communication in the body of Christ

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Christian Counseling

Christian Communication Centre provides Counseling through Experts by CENTRE. Contact us at

Christian News

Christian Communication Centre spreading Christian News around the world by Centre. Get more details at

Monday, March 29, 2010

Bible Court

Christian Communication Centre introduced a Christian Court to find a solution for all kind of problem.... more details

Prayer Partner

Please pray for others, get more details at


It is our task to establish Christian Communication Centre around the world to communicate in the body of Christ. God has been design His work according the needs of people and place to strengthen His building the Church. This Centre to Centre contact gives credibility for men and mission to execute anything for God.
For example, every nation having post office, bank ect like Christian Communication Centre functions in physical land aspect of public Christian service.
It is the place to equip Children of God from different sect, church, mission, denomination, organization to share about His Kingdom works. Any Christian could accomplish His vision by use any mission resource to fulfill great commission.
For example, a baby coming to the Centre to share the dream what he likes to reach the people that would fulfill by communication Centre.

We have been displayed very limited information and activities through Internet. Please get more service information and help through the Centre only. If you do not have Centre, inform us to start up.